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Weight Loss Teas

Everybody wants the easy way to success, it's a natural for the human brain to look for the path of least resistance. It may be an evolutionary trait programmed into our DNA and marketing companies use this to their upmost advantage.

They hook your attention with promises of fast weight loss or rapid change to body composition. Preying on mental vulnerabilities while using habitual cues common to society to wield their sword of lies. Cues like an upcoming wedding you may want to slim down for or the approaching beach season almost universally trigger desires of a "better body".

So these marketing companies pour their investments into selling quick fix solutions to an ever growing problem of being overweight. Which has caused herbal teas whom have been considered natural and enjoyed globally for thousands of years to recently be branded as "weight loss teas" by investment companies and big businesses.

Do not fall into these schemes. Tea is wonderful and can have great health promoting properties when consumed correctly, but they offer absolutely zero substantial weight loss enhancing capabilities. Pull your mentality away from fast solutions to loosing weight, and look within yourself for the strength to change your habits.

You have the power inside of you to create the reality that you want and deserve, tea is not the answer. Start with the basics, the fundamentals. Check your 'Lifestyle Support Columns'. Mindfulness, Environment, and Reason. I'll be writing about this concept more in the near future. For now, focus on eating better quality food, cut out the junk, and move your body!

Listen to The Avidity Fitness Podcast - episode 54 - Weight Loss Tea.

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