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Shoulder Surgery?

Doctors said I probably needed surgery on my shoulder...

I've battled periodic shoulder issues my whole life. From minor sports injuries to impingements from muscular imbalance. Still I was able to navigate my training relatively pain free...until I tweaked my right shoulder doing chest flies sometime last year.

I felt the slightest little pop on the concentric movement and didn't feel any pain initially. As the days went by my shoulder grew a dull stabbing feeling while tightening up causing my range of motion to decrease noticeably.

After struggling to work around the pain I went to see an orthopedic who specialized in sports injuries. The evaluation was very basic and he didn't offer me much advice at all, after my MRI he basically told me there was no obvious damage but he thinks I need surgery on my labrum and to rule that out he wanted me to go downtown and receive an arthrogram.

This visit left me feeling a bit discouraged at the lack of insight provided to me. I also felt that I wanted to avoid surgery at all possible costs. I knew that the arthrogram was a procedure involving anesthesia, meaning I would have to take a day off of work, and regardless of the results I wasn't going to agree to surgery.

Fast forward a little over a year of me rebuilding the foundational strength of my shoulders, focusing on the intrinsic stability, and activating the posterior complex...I am officially pain free.

I have restored my range of motion and impingement free pressing movements. All because I focused on my weaknesses.

With all that being said...

'Bulletproof Shoulder Program' coming soon!

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