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Satiety (Why don't I feel full?)

As a society, we suffer from a multitude of factors that are contributing to the increase in health issues. Nearly 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese. This statistic alone has been rising for almost a century and has sky-rocketed in the last decade.

One of the major factors that contributes to excessive weight gain is consuming too many calories. Our portion sizes have gone out of control and we eat past the point of satiety, i.e., the feeling of fullness caused by nutrients replinshing the body.

That's because a large amount of the modern diet seems to come from low quality, processed foods. Things like fast food, frozen meals, and snacks are all rich in calories but void of actual nutrients.

After eating these types of low quality foods we get a sudden boost of energy that doesn't last long and is followed by a hard crash, where people usually experience fatigue and low mood.

When the brain becomes hyper stimulated by the sugars, fats, and salts from processed foods it releases hormones and the brain "feels" satisfied after getting flooded with feedback, but the body still has no fuel to run off of.

This is where the problem of not feeling full comes into play. The body thinks it is full but the chemical stimulation quickly fades. Not to mention low nutrient foods pass through the stomach rapidly, so you are soon feeling hungry again shortly after you just ate.

Whole foods will always provide a much larger supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will ultimately keep your body fueled up for life and movements much longer than junk food ever could. More natural foods in your diet can revolutionize your health and the way you feel!

Listen to The Avidity Fitness Podcast episode 050 - Satiety (Why don't I feel full?).

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