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Naked Truth

Updated: May 27, 2021

In 2013, PepsiCo was ordered to pay $9 millon in restitution after being found guilty of falsely labeling their Naked Juice as "all-natural" and "non-GMO". In addition to the payout they also agreed to change the labels to more accurately reflect the true ingredients.


These types of lawsuits are starting to become more and more widespread as society fights back against these huge businesses and rightfully so, after all, we put our hard to earn trust and hard earned money into these companies by purchasing their products. The CEO has a net work of $53 million, the least he can do is tell the truth.

"Consumers are paying higher prices for the healthful and expensive ingredients advertised on Naked labels, such as berries, cherries, kale and other greens, and mango." Says Maia Kats, CSPI litigation director. "But consumers are predominantly getting apple juice, or in the case of Kale Blazer, orange and apple juice. They're not getting what they paid for."

If you want good healthy juice/juice smoothies, I recommend preparing it yourself. That way you know exactly what is in it...and you aren't giving your money to a millionaire lying to you while he laughs from his yacht.

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