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Foam Roll For Recovery

Once you have established a consistent training routine/program it is absolutely inevitable that your body will get sore, stiff, and knotted up. So make no mistake about it, as you progress in your fitness journey, you will need to establish a well maintained recovery routine alongside your regular training. The recovery aspect of health and fitness is constantly overlooked which causes a wide range of issues from prolonged results to setbacks and even injury.

Purposeful recovery techniques have been thought of as beneficial for athletes and active people for at least a decade but recently more extensive scientific research has gone into examining the effects of these modalities. Studies are beginning to show that there are great positive effects when utilizing the foam roller, which has become a fairly popular technique.

Foam rolling has been proven to increase join range of motion, flexibility, and overall performance of multiple different muscle groups. The hips, legs, knees, and ankles all respond very well to self myofascial release with the foam roller by increasing blood flow, enhancing blood lactate removal, and oxygen delivery to muscles.

Using a self myofascial release technique will help you loosen up stiffness, increase your flexibility making you more mobile after training session. Most of all though it will help combat delayed onset of muscle soreness, which is the discomfort you feel in your muscles caused by microtrauma to the fibers from the stress of the workout. These fibers will repair stronger than before if subjected to the proper recovery and the science shows that foam rolling can help that recovery.

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