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Breaking Social Narratives (3)

Updated: May 27, 2021

Society has been pushing messages that protect people's feelings from the truth for awhile now, and it is starting to take it's toll. Collectively we are the most depressed, anxious, overweight, and least healthy we have ever been in our short history as humans. It is time we start telling each other the truth in hopes that we can strengthen each other.

Yet, the truth seems to be an unimportant driving factor for content creation on social media. The construct of the internet is becoming more important every year, which means social media accounts will have great influence over the information distributed to the community as a whole.

This means they will be inadating us with what we "want" to see and hear, not really what we "need" to see and hear. Stretching the truth, catering to feelings, posting and saying whatever they can to keep your attention, creating tribalistic movements like fat acceptance and intuitive eating. We need the truth now more than ever, we need wisdom and understanding. The biggest issue I see with a lot of health accounts on social media is they target people who are unhealthy as a result of bad habits and are in need of a lifestyle change, but instead of empowering them with knowledge or encouragement, they validate their current circumstance. They "put and arm around their shoulder" and excuse their bad habits sometimes even applauding them.

Comfort has been the overarching narrative in our society for a few years now, almost becoming a business plan. I argue that discomfort at times is what is needed to find our path and true balance, obviously being rude or disrespectful is not a cohesive form of discomfort. Addressing the issue causing you to stress eat processed foods, finding the root of your anxiety that makes you afraid to go to the gym, or comfronting the personal demons that keep you from loosing the weight that would improve your heatlh are all progressive forms of discomfort. The problem is those things are not fun, they don't feel good at first so they are hard to sell. Even still, it is what I encourage for all people that I love in my life. So it is what I encourage for you aswell.

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