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Becoming Untouchable

Everybody wants to find balance in their lives. Everybody wants to feel in control of themselves and accomplished. With the rise in mental health issues, it seems society is finding homeostasis more and more difficult to achieve. We have become overloaded with distractions that infiltrate our defenses making us vulnerable to things like social media comparison, distorted reality, and general dissociation. These things lead to the relatively common social anxiety and low level depression that is seemingly plaguing society especially the youth. Defending against the poisonous parts of modern life is an ever evolving science and it's very important we start discussing how to do it more.

Blocking out information that does not serve you in a positive manner, unfollowing fake social media influences, and turning the focus inward on yourself can seem simple but it's harder than most people think. All these things are just draining your confidence and sabotaging your energy by displacing it.

Once you start questioning yourself, you obviously find more answers and learn more about who you really are. Start proving to yourself that you are strong by doing hard things, especially when you aren't obligated to do so. The art of displaying discipline and consistency doing hard things to get better as a human is a beautifully complex art form that is 100% underrated and hardly even recognized in today's society. By doing these things though, you fortify your defenses against the always changing algorithms of the internet. You strengthen your own mind, body, and soul. You become untouchable.

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